Verywell: Medicare

verywell Medicare expertI write Verywell! No, I am not being cocky and no, that is not a typo. is your go-to up-to-date health site where all topics are written by experts in their field. No longer will you have to wonder if you are accessing a reliable source of information. This friendly site is like having your doctor as your neighbor or close friend.

I am the Medicare expert for Verywell. Board-certified in family medicine and the author of two books on the subject, I write articles ranging from what Medicare will (and won’t) cover to how much you’ll pay. You’ll even learn how to incorporate Medicare into your retirement plans.

You do not need to be on Medicare yourself to take advantage of these articles. You may have family or loved ones you care for who may rely on the program. Take a tour of some of the available topics below and see what helps you in your situation.


Dollars and Cents

Eligibility & Enrollment


How It All Works (Politics & Reform)